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Bitcard prepaid card

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Pago Seguro
Tarjeta recarga
*Activation available only for residents of the European Union.

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How does it work?



Request and receive it
quickly at your address



Once received,
activate it by SMS



Registration only for Level Plus
and Premium


Top up

Top up your
prepaid card instantly

Levels of the anonymous Bitcard card

Choose the level of your card according to the amount you want to top up

Basic Level

- Top up a maximum of € 250.
- It is not necessary to provide any documentation.
- Valid for purchases in all over the world.
- Without commissions.

Plus Level

- Top up a maximum of 2,500 € per year and up to three times for a total amount of 1.000 €.
- With registration of personal data from the web.
- Valid for purchases in all over the world.
- Without commissions.
- Withdrawal in ATMs.

Premium Level

- Top up a maximum of 15,000 €.
- With registration of personal data* from the web.
- Maximum daily recharge 5.000 € (maximum 3.000 € with cryptos) .
Provide D. N. I.- N. I. E. or passport, scanned on both sides.
- Valid for purchases in all over the world.
- Without commissions.
- Withdrawal in ATMs worldwide.

Upgrade to next level is free

*It is mandatory to have an european residence confirmed with a receipt (essencial supplies invoice or municipal census) with less than three months old.


You can check our commissions clearly

Purchase of the card *



Activation and PIN code request



Commission for top up

+ 5.00 %


Withdrawal in ATMs **



Monthly maintenance fee of your balance ***



Costs for closure of the account



**Some banks may charge their own commissions

***The commission is charged per month for the maintenance of the money, whenever it is available

Why choose to buy Bitcard on bitnovo?

1. Because buying our wallet card is simple in all aspects, allowing great versatility of uses. No need to be linked to a bank account, no matter your credit history, since it does not matter if your data appears on delayed payment files.

2. Because it is completely safe, and valid to be used in all shops around the world. You can also withdraw cash at any ATMs and in more than 34 million commerce around the world. Our wallet card guarantee all the security measures.

3. Because our prepaid card allows a quick recharge.

4. Because you will get your wallet card at your home quickly, ready to recharge and use.

5. Because our wallet card does not have permanence. Whenever you want, you can cancel it.

6. Because, as it is not a credit or debit card, you mark the limit with the amount of money you decide to top up at any time. You can even request to transfer your salary in it.

7. Because you can choose three card levels, the one that best suits your needs. Choose which category you are most interested in, depending on the money you want to have in it. And do not worry! If you want to increase it later, you can upgrade without additional charges.

8. Because you can check the balance of your card anytime.

9. Because you have a support team at your disposal for your questions and queries.

10. Because the maintenance and recharge fees are minimal and you can check it anytime.