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Exchanging cryptocurrencies has never been as easy as it is now. At Bitnovo, you can perform exchanges between all our available cryptocurrencies without the need to register or go through an identity verification process.

What is a cryptocurrency swap?

A swap or exchange is a functionality that allows you to exchange one token or cryptocurrency for another without the need to involve a fiat currency in the process. These types of operations are very interesting when, for example, you want to keep your capital in cryptocurrencies but want to avoid exposure to volatility during bearish trends. In such cases, exchanges can be made to stable cryptocurrencies with parity against a fiat currency.

Advantages of cryptocurrency exchanges

Performing swap or exchange operations between cryptocurrencies has several advantages. For instance, since it involves a direct swap between cryptocurrencies without converting to a fiat currency, these transactions can be carried out without the need to go through a registration or identity verification process. Additionally, these operations generally involve lower costs, as there are no expenses associated with converting to a fiat currency and subsequently withdrawing funds to the chosen payment method. By keeping your capital in cryptocurrencies, you can avoid additional costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of a swap or exchange?

The costs applied by Bitnovo are lower compared to a buying or selling operation. However, the costs for the end user may vary depending on the selected network and the fee or commission paid when making the transfer.

How long does a swap or exchange take?

This answer is very particular as it depends on the network in which you perform the swap or exchange and the fee or commission you are willing to pay when sending the cryptocurrency. Therefore, it varies in each case, but the average time is 3 minutes.

Is there a limit on the amount for a swap or exchange?

Yes, there is an established limit for each cryptocurrency. However, if you wish to perform a swap or exchange of a higher amount, we can offer you the OTC service.

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