Accept cryptocurrencies in your coffe

Receive payments in your coffe from millions of people who already use cryptocurrencies.

Also available for online businesses.

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Tools for Coffees

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On your website

Accept cryptocurrency payments from any customer on your website.

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By email

Share receipts as fast and easy as sending an email.

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In person

Accept cryptocurrencies in your business through a smartphone or tablet.

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Payment links

Send your customers payment requests and receive payments wherever you are.

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Display payment QR code

Display the Bitnovo Pay payment QR code on the table (Pay-At-Table).

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Coming soon


Allow customers to configure if they want to add a tip.

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Customer experience

How does Bitnovo Pay work in a coffe?

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The most competitive commissions




0.95 %

No Extras

Card payments

2 - 3%

Other means of payment

3 - 11%


Why accept cryptocurrencies in your coffe?

Access to new customers

Currently, over 320 million people already own some cryptocurrency, and this number keeps increasing. By accepting cryptocurrencies in your , you will expand your customer base, attracting those who prefer to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as allowed by Bitnovo Pay.

Higher average ticket

Studies, like the one conducted by Gleans Insight, show that people who pay at a store with cryptocurrencies spend up to 40% more than if they paid with traditional payment methods.

Very low fees

The costs associated with cryptocurrency transactions are very low, as Bitnovo Pay accepts cryptocurrencies and uses networks with even lower transaction costs than card payments.

Bitnovo Pay API Integrations

integrates with the main online e-commerce platforms


and more...

Bitnovo Pay Corporate for companies and traditional payment gateways that want to add and integrate the payment with cryptocurrencies for their clients.

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