Custom crypto solutions for Fintech

If you are a Fintech or develop digital products and want to introduce your users to the crypto ecosystem, our API is the best solution, as you will be able to offer all the products of the Bitnovo ecosystem.

API Integration

With our API, you can offer all the services of Bitnovo without the need for your own licenses or a dedicated team for the operational and AML aspects required by cryptocurrencies.





Execute purchase orders

Offer your users the possibility to acquire cryptocurrencies through our API. You just need to send us the amount, cryptocurrency, and your client's wallet address through an endpoint. This service is developed so that Fintech or traditional banking solutions can offer a crypto service with no worries and with the highest guarantees.

Request API access


Fill out our form

Send us a request and during a call with our technical team, you can share your needs to determine which service best fits your project requirements.


Send us your documentation

We will ask you for KYB and request documentation about your company and the policies it implements, so that our compliance team can evaluate it.


Obtain API keys

Finally, we will provide you with the API credentials, first in a Sandbox environment, so you can start implementing our services in your product.

Bitnovo API

Start building with our API

Offering crypto products has never been easier. Thanks to our API designed by and for developers, you can build your custom solution with just one integration.


Is there a cost to use your API?

We have various products within our API, which have different monetization methods. Depending on your business needs, you can choose one option or another. To determine the most suitable model for you and know its cost, we invite you to contact our sales team without any commitment.

How long does it take to integrate the API into my platform?

The time can vary, as it depends on the product you want to integrate, the different options our API offers, as well as your system and your application's flow. Additionally, the amount of human resources you assign to the integration will also influence the required time.

Is it necessary to perform identity verification (KYC) on our customers?

Yes, it is necessary, but there are exceptions. If your company already carries out a KYC that complies with current regulations and you are a obliged subject, it would not be necessary. It would also not be necessary if you want to integrate the distribution API of our Giftcards.

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Bitnovo is the easiest app to interact with cryptocurrencies, whether you are an experienced user or just starting out.