Bitnovo OTC

It is a service that allows institutional clients, investment funds, and high net worth individuals to execute orders with tighter spreads.

How Bitnovo OTC works

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1. Contact

If it's your first time, you just have to fill out the contact form and we will contact you in less than 24 hours.

2. Agreement

We see the different options to carry out the operation with the tightest spread, with your approval we close the agreement.

3. Transaction

As soon as we receive the payment, we execute the transaction on our OTC desk under the agreed criteria.

Benefits of Bitnovo OTC

Guaranteed liquidity

We have liquidity to carry out operations ranging from €120,000 to 8 figures.

No commissions

Our spread is included in the final price, we eliminate commissions for transaction, deposit and withdrawal.

Price locking

We guarantee the price for the agreed time in the agreement in order to avoid market volatility.

Contact us

We help you at all times

Tell us about the details of the operation you want to carry out and we will assign you an agent who will accompany you throughout the process to resolve any doubts that may arise.

Download our Self-custody Wallet

Bitnovo is the easiest app to interact with cryptocurrencies, whether you are an experienced user or just starting out.