Accept cryptocurrency payments in your business

Receive payments from millions of people who already use cryptocurrencies.

Available for online businesses and physical stores.

Advantages of using Bitnovo Pay

Receive Euro

Set the price in your local currency and share the QR or payment link.

Any wallet

We support over 300 crypto wallets, and we're still growing.

Any channel

Reach millions of people who already have cryptocurrencies.

Eliminate fraudulent charges

Crypto payments are irreversible, with no chargebacks or setbacks.

The main currencies

More than 16 currencies, including payments on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Low rates

We charge less than the average credit card fees.

Business experience

Customer experience

How does Bitnovo Pay work in a merchant?

The most competitive commissions




0.95 %

No Extras

Card payments

2 - 3%

Other means of payment

3 - 11%

Tools for your business

On your website

Accept cryptocurrency payments from any customer on your website.

By email

Share receipts as fast and easy as sending an email.

In person

Accept cryptocurrencies in your business through a smartphone or tablet.

Payment links

Send your customers payment requests and receive payments wherever you are.

Coming soon

Payment buttons

Display the Bitnovo Pay payment button directly on your website.

Coming soon


If your product or service requires a subscription we can manage it.


Become a Bitnovo Pay Partner

Integrate our Bitnovo Pay API solution into your network and offer your customers a new, innovative, simple and secure payment method. In addition, with our Partners program you will get extra income for each transaction.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains supported

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Bitnovo Pay API Integrations

integrates with the main online e-commerce platforms


and more...

Bitnovo Pay Corporate for companies and traditional payment gateways that want to add and integrate the payment with cryptocurrencies for their clients.

Download our Self-custody Wallet

Bitnovo is the easiest app to interact with cryptocurrencies, whether you are an experienced user or just starting out.