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Receive, send and store your bitcoin and Dash safely in the Bitnovo Wallet

Create or restore your wallet to send, receive store your bitcoin and Dash in an easy and safe way. With the Bitnovo Wallet...

You are the only owner and keeper of your funds!

Bitcoin and Dash wallet (compatible with BIP39) where you can manage your crypto from the app itself, being able to send and receive bitcoin and Dash, check the details of the transactions made, redeem coupons directly to your own wallet.
Send your Dash to any mobile in Venezuela via SMS through Dash Text and instantly, thanks to Instant Send technology.

How does the Bitnovo wallet work?

All the other features that allow you to check and manage your cryptocurrency funds from the App

Convert into euros your cryptocurrencies

Sell cryptocurrencies to your Bank Account and convert them into euros easily, quickly and safely

Redeem vouchers directly in your Wallet

Buy the Bitnovo cryptocurrency vouchers in over 30,000 shops and redeem them directly in your wallet

Choose from more than 20 cryptocurrencies

Redeem vouchers by choosing from more than 20 different cryptocurrencies: Dash, Litecoin, Tron, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, etc.