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Enjoy a simple and secure process to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Maximum protection for your crypto

Only you keep your cryptocurrencies

Self-custody is the safe way to store and protect your cryptocurrencies. In this way, only you will have access to your assets without depending on third parties. No one better than you will take care of your money.

The best market price

With the same money, you receive more Bitcoin.


100 € in Bitcoin (BTC)






Direct to your wallet



Very fast

Very fast



Very fast

Non-custodial wallet

free in app

Not available

Not available

Not available

Additional apps

Comparison buying €100 in Bitcoin. See details.

All your crypto under your control

Buy as you like

Acquire cryptocurrencies by paying with the method you prefer: by card, bank transfer or by redeeming our vouchers.

Sell ​​when you want

Receive your euros directly into your bank account via transfer, within 24/48 hours in the SEPA area.

Trade crypto instantly

Convert one amount of crypto (like Bitcoin) to any other quickly and easily.

Top up your Visa or Mastercard

Use your cryptocurrencies to recharge your cards and receive euros in them to be able to pay at any business.

Redeem Bitnovo vouchers

Receive crypto in your wallet by exchanging Bitnovo vouchers that you can purchase at participating points of sale.

Send and receive crypto

To any destination address whether or not it is in Bitnovo's contact list.


Bitnovo Vouchers

Redeem your voucher for cryptocurrencies

You can buy vouchers in more than 40,000 associated establishments throughout Europe.

New verticals for your business

Bitnovo for companies

Boost your business and generate new revenue channels by implementing our services.

Sellers panel

Without taking up space in your premises. Offer cryptocurrencies with our digital panel. Easy, intuitive and integrated into your system.

Bitnovo Pay

Allow your customers to pay you with cryptocurrencies. They send us crypto. We send you euros instantly.


Attract new customers and receive commissions for each purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. Modern, simple and safe.

Bitnovo Vouchers

Complement your product line by offering your customers a new way to buy cryptocurrencies.

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Bitnovo is the easiest app to interact with cryptocurrencies, whether you are an experienced user or just starting out.